- Benefit from our experience of nearly 50 years -

Establishment of the Company
By establishing the company nearly 50 years ago, Eugen Amann laid the foundation for today's operation. The first products were made in a little shop at his parent's house. With increasing orders, the space soon became too small. Therefore, the production was moved to a new location at Neuhauser Straße 43 in Liptingen in 1975.

Production / products
With the completion of the new location, the conditions were met to specialize in new production areas. The production of micro spring scissors laid the foundation for ophthalmology. Amann developed swiftly into a leading OEM for Eye- and Microsurgical instruments.

2011: The second generation
We are committed to our tradition! Jürgen Amann and Alexander Amann, the two sons followed their father's legacy and advance together the company. As a traditional operation, Amann has access to a multitude of experience and valuable insights necessary for the continuous advancement.